Your Trash, Our Resource

Glass to Glass is a glass recycler that harnesses the infinite circularity of glass. Our glass recycling facilities enable municipalities and communities to divert a recyclable resource from their waste streams. Glass is made of four simple ingredients: sand, limestone, soda ash, and recycled glass (called cullet).

Glass is 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable, making it the ideal material to support a low-waste economy.

Benefits of GLASS Recycling

Every piece matters

Glass is Infinitely Recyclable

Glass bottles or jars can be recycled over and over again, without loss in quality. They are 100% recyclable and infinitely recyclable. No other packaging material can do that.

Local glass = Local jobs

Glass has a largely regional supply chain. It’s never sent overseas to be recycled. Recycling 1,000 tons of glass creates about eight jobs in the local economy!

Measurable Sustainability

For every ton of glass recycled, over a ton of natural resources are saved, including 1,400 lbs. of sand, 430 lbs. of soda ash, and 400 lbs. of limestone.

The Magic of Glass

When a glass bottle or jar is recycled, it can become a new glass bottle or jar on a store shelf in as little as 30 days.

Who We Are

The Glass to Glass Story

Traditional waste disposal facilities aren’t equipped with the most efficient sorting and processing techniques with the intention of capturing and reusing 100% of glass material. That means this valuable, sustainable resource sometimes ends up in the landfill when it doesn’t need to.

We’re here to change that. Glass to Glass is a recycling facility that maximizes the value of this sustainable material.

We can move towards a more sustainable future by joining together the brightest ideas with municipalities and communities who can make the biggest change. Powered by the experts at O-I Glass, Glass to Glass impacts communities by safely processing the glass brought to our facilities.


Glass Recycling for a Better Future

We believe in collecting and using recycled glass as a method to build a sustainable future. Glass collection creates local jobs in our community and turns trash into valuable container material. We reward all glass exchanges so we can continue the infinite loop of glass and stimulate the local economy.


We're building a sustainable future with every piece of glass exchanged at our facilities.

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Have glass? Need glass? We alleviate the pain points of traditional glass recycling. 100% of exchanged glass will be recycled for other glass materials, which means we have plenty of new recycled glass to go around.

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